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The Sacred Earth: Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions
  The Sacred Earth — Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions
Appreciating the DIFFERENCES Among Religions, Paths, and Saints, Part 3

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 9
142 pages
Publication Date: May 2001
ISBN: 0717309800

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1. Introduction: the dimensions of the Greater Reality

1.1. Summary of Part 1: Beyond Spiritual Correctness

1.2. Summary of Part 2: Three Views of Reality and Human Potential

1.3. The esoteric view of God as accessible while alive via esoteric means

1.4. The fundamentally Subjective nature of Reality

1.4.1. The experience of unity

1.4.2. The Subjective Substratum in which material reality arises

1.5. Human potential and samadhi states

1.6. The multi-dimensional Greater Reality

1.7. Esoteric anatomy and the seven stages of life: An inherently comprehensive framework

1.8. For most effective growth, base all practice (in the earlier stages of life) on the view and the Realization of the seventh stage of life

1.8.1. The Full Awakening of the seventh-stage Realization

1.8.2. The lesser stages as digressions from Fully Awakening

1.8.3. The process of Fully Awakening to the seventh-stage Realization is supported by the establishment of equilibrium in the lesser stages

2. The animistic, etheric universe of the shamans

2.1. The etheric (life-force) body

2.2. Animism

2.3. The cultivation of spirit-helpers

2.4. The hierarchical matrix of possibilities: working with “the pattern prior to the pattern that seems”

2.5. Medicine men and healing

2.6. The shaman as ecstatic psychopomp: escorting the newly dead

3. The psycho-physical universe of the lower astral

3.1. The lower astral (mental-psychic) body

3.2. Objective versus participatory knowledge

3.3. The world is a psychic phenomenon

3.4. The world of psychic phenomena

3.4.1. ESP: extransensory perception

3.4.2. The empathic connection: feeling at a distance

3.4.3. Psychokinesis: mind over matter

3.4.4. Precognition: information about the future

3.5. The Sacred Earth

3.6. Varieties of magical culture

3.6.1. Vitalistic magical cultures

3.6.2. Spiritual magical cultures

3.6.3. The anti-magical culture of science and city

4. The minimal-optimal realization of the etheric and lower astral dimensions for the purpose of seventh-stage Awakening

4.1. The limitations of the etheric and lower astral Realizations of the Greater Reality

4.1.1. The absence of the Living God

4.1.2. Where are Happiness and Love? The undeveloped heart

4.1.3. The pitfalls of black magic and etheric or psychic self-fulfillment

4.1.4. Idiot savants of the Greater Reality: over-development in one area, under-development in others

4.1.5. Fixed versus fluid reality: etheric and astral scientism vs. free fall in God

4.1.6. Blaming parents and spirits: the unconscious abdication of personal responsibility while lying on the therapist’s or shaman’s “couch”

4.2. The seventh-stage “fast track” (minimal-optimal) development of the etheric and lower astral dimensions

4.2.1. The best use of a human lifetime

4.2.2. The value of whole-body equilibrium in freeing up energy and attention for Awakening

4.3. Seventh-stage wisdom on awakening and bringing balance to the etheric dimension

4.3.1. Developing etheric sensitivity

4.3.2. Practices for conducting life-energy

4.3.3. Developing feeling, morality, and socialization based on etheric sensitivity

4.3.4. Emotional-sexual maturity

Right practice of sexuality

Transcendence of reactive emotions

Transcendence of oedipal patterning

Oedipal patterning, karma, and the ability to function effectively

Transcendence of the limitations of character type

4.4. Seventh-stage wisdom on awakening and bringing balance to the lower astral (mental-psychic) dimension

4.4.1. The mental-psychic faculties of the lower astral body

4.4.2. Developing the thinking mind and discriminative intelligence

4.4.3. Developing sensitivity to the deeper psyche via meditation and dreams

4.4.4. Integration of the manifest personality through developing the will

4.5. Developing an awareness of the psycho-physical nature of Reality

4.5.1. True surrender: developing a psychic openness without adding an “attitude”

4.5.2. “Wandering” until Reality Reveals Itself

4.5.3. Developing the awareness that everything that happens to us in every moment is geared toward our Full Awakening

4.5.4. Synchronicity: the psychic unity of “inside” and “outside”

4.5.5. Allowing the magical universe and learning to read its signs

4.5.6. Allowing everyone and everything to be a psychic “bridge to God”


Appreciating the Differences Among Religions, Paths, and Saints
Part 4: Heaven — Realization of the Spiritual Dimension


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