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The Sacred Earth — Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions
Appreciating the DIFFERENCES Among Religions, Paths, and Saints, Part 3

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 9
142 pages
Publication Date: May 2001
ISBN: 0717309800

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In Book 8, we identified four different dimensions of the Greater Reality — animistic/psycho-physical, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine.

In this book, we study those dimensions — the etheric and the lower astral dimensions — associated with the animistic / psycho-physical view, along with the practices for Realizing these dimensions. We base our study on the understanding that we, ourselves, are a multi-dimensional composite of elements from these different dimensions (matter, spirit, and Consciousness), but are primarily only conscious as the “material part” of ourselves, and hence, primarily only conscious of the material reality.

The Sacred Earth: Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions

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About the author

In the animistic / psycho-physical experience (aspects of which are shared by shamans, medicine men, and psychics), it is obvious that we arise as a psycho-physical being within Nature, which has not only a “body” (the “objective reality” of the materialists) but also a “soul”, or psyche. This Sacred Earth is a seamless, psychic unity, populated by all manner of etheric and psychic forces and entities beyond the merely physical, with which we are intimately inter-connected (in a way that is not discernable from the purely materialistic view) and to which we can learn to be rightly, magically related (and, in so doing, allow to be revelatory).

We conclude by studying the limitations of the purely animistic / psycho-physical view, relative to the ultimate human potential of Complete Awakening from the dream of changes, material or subtle. We lay out what developments in the etheric and lower astral dimensions of our being are necessary and useful for supporting and quickening our Complete Awakening.

  Online Price:
$5.00 eBook (PDF)
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Table of contents

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