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You CAN'T Take It With You: Transcending Life and Death in God

You CAN'T Take It With You:
Transcending Life and Death in God

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 4
45 pages
Date Published: July 2000
ISBN: 0717354245

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1. The consumed, consoled life

1.1. Biological, cultural, social, and religious patterning and our accommodation to it

1.2. The purpose of life: some conventional views

1.3. The search for knowledge and excellence

1.4. The search for a legacy

2. The death-denying society

2.1. The death and dying business: ceremonialization and rationalization

2.2. “What happens after death” cannot or should not be answered while alive

2.3. Youth worship, agism, and the search for bodily immortality

2.4. Do not go gently into that dark night

3. The reality of death

3.1. The parable of the deer garden

3.2. The insider’s view of dying and death


Online Price:
$5.00 eBook (PDF)
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