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Being Real, Part 1: Secrets Of Human Transformation

Being Real, Part 1:
Secrets Of Human Transformation

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 2
57 pages
Date Published: May 2000
ISBN: 0717354210

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Table Of Contents


1. Happiness and personal congruency

2. Dealing with personal incongruency

3. An untenable solution: eradicating the social face (or the need for it)

4. An un-happy solution: the trap of superficiality

4.1. Deconstructing the work ethic

4.2. The work ethic was not always so overarching

4.3. Beyond palliatives and into the depth

5. Changing the depth: change in image vs. change in character

6. Overview of the factors enabling human transformation

6.1. Change: what is possible?

6.2. The factors enabling human transformation

7. Human depth, being real, and the Lesson of Life

7.1. How deep is self? The human depth tree

7.2. Human potential is not arbitrary but, rather, anatomical

7.3. The higher human faculties

7.4. The keyhole principle of being real

7.5. The Lesson of Life: You can't become happy; you can only be happy!

7.6. Awakening: the goose is always already out of the bottle

8. Alignment with pattern, calling, principle, and Reality altogether

8.1. The principle of alignment

8.2. An accessible example: alignment with gravity via Rolfing

8.3. Another example: alignment with calling

8.4. Alignment with the Greater Reality altogether

9. Heat management and endurance

9.1. Setting right expectations: transformation is an ordeal

9.2. The Revelation that allows the necessary commitment

10. Agent of transformation: the Spiritual Master


Online Price:
eBook (PDF)
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