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Being Real, Part 2: Habits of Highly Spiritual People  

Being Real, Part 2:
Habits of Highly Spiritual People

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 3
74 pages
Date Published: June 2000
ISBN: 0717354229

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1. Introduction: Awakening from the Dream of Limited self

1.1. The difference between Spiritual Awakening and self-improvement

1.2. Keys to the Waking Process: free energy, free attention, and unlimited feeling

1.3. The Great Short Cut to Waking Up: the Spiritual Master

1.4. The addictive force of egoic habit; counter-egoic Spiritual practice vs. the talking school

1.5. Overview of the practice

1.6. Division of labor: The Divine does the transformation and we cooperate

2. How To Wake Up, Realizing God and Perfect Happiness

2.1. Habit 1: Be Real

2.1.1. Increase sensitivity to conditional reality and self

2.1.2. Increase sensitivity to the Awakened State

2.2. Habit 2: Locate, Recognize, and Commune with God

2.2.1. The Hole in the universe

2.2.2. Divine Distraction

2.2.3. The capability for feeling

2.2.4. Being Melted and Washed by the Divine

2.3. Habit 3: Surrender self to God and Let God Do the Transforming

2.3.1. Surrender of the four lower faculties of the body-mind

2.3.2. Surrender of the higher faculties

2.4. Habit 4: Understand self in God

2.4.1. The self-contraction

2.4.2. The hearing capability

2.4.3. Seeking and desensitization

2.4.4. The self-contraction is our own activity

2.5. Habit 5: Free Energy and Attention in the Individual Sphere

2.5.1. Some useful analogies

2.5.2. The role of conventional knowledge and wisdom in serving the Greater Purpose

2.5.3. A prototypical example: the discipline of diet

2.5.4. The discipline of conductivity

2.5.5. The discipline of health and radical healing

2.5.6. The discipline of conscious exercise

2.5.7. The emotional-sexual discipline

2.6. Habit 6: Free Energy and Attention in the Larger Sphere

2.6.1. The discipline of cooperative community

2.6.2. The discipline of money, work, and handling business

2.6.3. The discipline of service to the Spiritual Master

2.6.4. The cultural disciplines

2.7. Habit 7: Realize God by Engaging the Perfect Practice

2.7.1. The three stages of the Perfect Practice

2.7.2. "Be Consciousness"

2.7.3. "Contemplate Consciousness"

2.7.4. "Transcend everything in Consciousness, Recognizing all objects in and as God"




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